Dreamcatchers at Penn Treaty!

Traditionally dream catchers were used in this blank culture, we had students practice weaving and focusing on repeating the correct steps.


Paper plates









Cut 9 slits around the paper plate

Put the yarn in one slit and pull the end underneath.

Pull the longer half of the yarn across the plate to pull it through the opposite slit.

Then pull the yarn up through the slit to either the right or left of this one, and then take it to the opposite slit of that one.

Continue this pattern until all slits have yarn in them: Ex. opposite, left, opposite, left, opposite, left

Tie the ends underneath.

Now you can begin weaving!

We had students tie a piece of yarn to the center of the yarned plate they had already set-up.

Starting from the middle, weave around the plate going over one string and under another.

You can add beads along the way.

You can also alternate yarn colors, but be sure to tie the new string to the starting spot before you start weaving.

Once your plate is finished, you can adorn some feathers.

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