Free Lesson Plan: The Legend of the Dream Catcher

Title/Description: Dream Catchers

Level: Elementary School

Duration: One 45-minute class period

Historical Overview: Indigenous Peoples in the Americas tribes and legends

Goals and Objectives: To introduce and explore a Indigenous Peoples in the Americas legend

Vocabulary: Legend

Materials: Paper plates, yarn, pony beads, feathers, paper, pencils, markers/crayons


Day 1

  1. Anticipatory Set: Discuss Indigenous Peoples in the Americas legends and the “Story of Creation of the Maidu Indians.”
  2. Have students write about a dream they had and how to protect themselves from bad dreams. Introduce the legend of the dream catcher.
  3. Cut out center of paper plate.
  4. Punch approximately twelve holes in plate.
  5. Design pattern and color with markers or crayons.
  6. String yarn across plate (do not go over outer edge). Add pony beads if desired.
  7. Tie streamers and feathers to sides and/or bottom.

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