Drawing Metaphors From Art

Origami cats taught by Art Sphere intern, Danica, and origami hearts taught by Art Sphere student, Blade. The cats and hearts were later painted by ASI student participants.

We love our pets!

Cohox Youth drew and painted pictures of cats on chairs with abstract paintings in the background. This technique connected to previous ASI lessons on abstract painting. Youth also made and painted origami cats and hearts. By making both drawings and origami versions of cats, youth also saw how origami can be an abstract version of reality.

And for National Women’s History Month, students analyzed and made abstract paintings from memory based on Georgia O’Keeffe’s painting, “Orange and Red Streak” (1919).

Artists are standing below their artwork and pointing to their contributions to the clothes line show in their classroom!

Studying Botany: Flower identification and drawings with Symmetry coincided with the Philadelphia Flower Show.

Drawing a universal message from St. Patrick’s Day shamrocks, rainbows (color wheel), and pot of gold: follow your rainbow (joy) and with a little luck and (some perseverance), you’ll find your pot of gold (success).