DIY Book Covers

Book covers protect your books, and allow you to be creative in how you want to decorate your books, whether they are textbooks, pleasure reads, and more.


  • newspaper, wrapping paper or flattened paper bags
  • tape
  • scissors
  • a book!


1. If you are using wrapping paper, cut a piece big enough to cover your book.
Find the middle of the paper, you can do this by folding it in half vertically and making a crease, (If you are using newspaper, there should already be a crease), and line the bind of the book up with the crease.
2. Open the front cover of the book.
3. Fold the excess paper over.
4. Do the same on the other side.
5. Cut the crease until you reach the book.
6. Just as you would wrap a present, fold the excess paper into a triangle just below the end of the book cover, and fold up.
7. Fold this triangle up and tape it down. Do the same for the excess paper on top.
8. Do the same for the back side, make sure everything is taped down, and your book cover is complete!

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