Dia de Los Muertos Masks

This Halloween week we made masks inspired by Dia de Los Muertos, a festival in Mexico that celebrates the afterlife and remembers the passing of family and friends. Inspired by the sugar skulls that are decorated and placed on the alters of loved ones we made our own ‘sugar skull’ masks. The traditional sugar skulls, which are usually dedicated to a specific family member or friend that has passed, are ornately decorated with vibrant colorful frosting and other striking adornments.

As a group, we discussed the different designs on the skulls and what common motifs they shared, for example, marigolds and hearts. As well as the importance of symmetry used in the mask’s composition. Then, I showed them how we would be using the mask stencils to trace our skull’s basic shape. Next, I drew an example of how I would approach drawing the skull’s features.

Most of the students drew their masks akin to the sugar skulls. However, since it was Halloween week, I did give them the option of making a super-hero mask. The young students were very invested in this project, everyone loves wearing a costume!

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