Dia de los Muertos Masks at Cione Recreation center

On July 31st Dayna and I lead the younger group at Cione recreation center through a Dia de los Muertos mask project. It was a very simple project compared to a lot of the other multi-step lessons we’ve been giving the kids, but it was awesome to see how every kid approached the task differently. There were definitely some kids who struggled with coming up with ideas and asked me if they could copy photos I showed them on my phone or the sample I’d made. I let them look for a bit, but I didn’t want them to lean on these references and tried to encourage them to draw whatever they wanted. We also had to help the kids with cutting, especially with the eyes. Since the group has kids from ages 5 to kids who are almost 9, there is a lot of variation in their motor skills. It was very cool to see all the different patterns they came up with and how excited they all were with their final products. 

Learn more about different masks @https://australianmuseum.net.au/masks-from-other-cultures