Dancing with Scarves

Julie Shaffer is a docent at Woodmere Art Museum in Philadelphia. This is her second semester volunteering with Art Sphere. She loves yoga, artisan ice cream, post-modern fiction, and art history.  Julie wants to cultivate a love and appreciation of art in young children.

Our recipe for the Lunchtime Literacy session at Fishtown Library last week was one part story time and one part movement, with a dash of color theory. We handed out mesh scarves to our young friends and invited them to dance and act out the story in Color Dance by Ann Jonas.

Jonas teaches color mixing theories with delightfully simple words and pictures.  “Green is yellow and blue mixed together. No red.” “Purple is red and blue mixed together. No yellow.” The children delighted in dancing around and swirling the scarves through the air. We also discovered the scarves worked well for a game of peekaboo.