Cubist Flowers

Lesson: Students will learn about artist that influenced the Cubist movement, such as Picasso. By creating a simple bouquet of flowers, they will be able to learn the characters of Cubism and how to create art in this style.


Materials: Paper, crayons, or oil pastels; construction paper



Step 1: With a black crayon, draw out the outline of your bouquet.

Step 2: Break up the flowers and vase into sections.

Step 3: Color in the sections with different colors. It doesn’t have to be realistic!


Group tour: Show the students Pablo Picasso’s Cubist paintings, and have the students take turns sharing their own masterpieces.


Extend your journey: Review different geometric shapes with your students, and use our lesson plan on Pablo Picasso to help students continue learning about Cubism and create their own Cubist art!


Learn new vocabulary: Cubism, Geometric

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