Creatures of the Sea: Whales and Jellyfish

Project Title: Creatures of the Sea : Whales and Jellyfish

Description: focuses on the widely different types of living creatures you can find in the ocean.

Author: Candice

Grade Level or Target Age Range : preschool

Vocabulary: shape, size, color, krill, stingers, waterspout

Materials: paper plates with a section cut off, strip of paper, coffee filters, glue, yarn, watercolors, brushes, black crayons
Blue Whale Information
Whale Size Chart
Jellyfish Information

Demo/ Directions:

creatures of the sea

Project One: Whale

1. First have students paint their paper plate pieces blue (5 – 10 minutes)

* To keep students active, have them put aside their paper plates while they dry. They can begin the second project while they wait.*

2. Then have students glue the “tail” to the “body” of the whale. Make sure the flat side is down. ( 5 minutes)

3. Now have students draw the whales eye, mouth, and waterspout. ( 5 minutes)

creatures of the sea

Project Two: Jellyfish

*place coffee filter bottom down on top of a paper plate or watercolor friendly surface.*

1. Have students place color dots on the bottom of the coffee filters with their brush. Try to keep the sides dry for the next step. ( 5 – 10 minutes)

2. Now glue the “stingers” on to the inner sides of the filter (5 – 10 minutes)

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