Create your own house & and seasons skit!

Today with our older class we decorated houses. The were pre cut, so the students were tasked with creating the different furniture and rooms. It was a simpler project, but it brought out a lot of creativity in them and allowed us to get to know them better. Kristin read from a book called Frog and Toad while they worked. This book stresses the idea of friendship and how two friends interact. There are a lot of deeper ideas and life lessons from this children’s book, and I thought it was something worth reading for the class.

With our younger class, we didn’t have time to make an art project, but we continued their lesson of seasons with a little skit. They divided into groups based on four weather categories: rainy, windy, snowy, and sunny. One person would read a description of the weather while the others would act it out. I think it was a very fun way to engage with them, but also allow them to learn. Ginny read to the from Frog and Toad, which they enjoyed a lot. It’s always fun to ask them questions afterwards to see what they’ve absorbed and what kind of creative answers they will think of.

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