Create Paper Pizza and Fruit and Vegetable Tray Collages Handout

Materials: Brown paper (large paper bags or butcher paper) glue, scissors, colored construction paper (use leftover scraps!), magazine images or supermarket circulars.

Step 1: Take brown paper and cut into a large circle.

Step 2: Curl edges of paper circle to make a pizza crust.

Step 3: Think about favorite pizza toppings. Cut shapes for different toppings. Pizza can have different sections with different toppings like half mushroom and half spinach. Arrange.

Step 4: Glue on pizza parts.

Step 5: Cut pizza slice and glue to paper plate.

Step 6: Identify healthy fruits and vegetables. Cut brown circle for tray.  Cut paper scraps into fruits or vegetables or cut out magazine images or supermarket circulars of fruits and vegetables. Arrange and glue. 

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