Compile Stories and Anecdotes

Stories and anecdotes are short or long, depending on the author, and they can be in many different genres. Stories are only limited to the author because they can be as creative as possible from creating a world with mythology or a world 50 years from here. There are anecdotes about life lessons which are usually in a fable. Stories can be created from people’s personal experiences, which can make a funny story.  

Write in one sitting.   

Start brainstorming ideas for a story and then write down all the ideas to discover which ideas work well with the story.  

Develop your protagonist   

Creating a protagonist means that there are decisions that they would make during the story. These decisions can make the main character better or worse because it will develop the plot. 

Create suspense and drama 

The drama aspect would make the readers ask themselves,” will he or she make it through an event.” These events in the story can build the characters.  

Write Good Dialogue

The dialogue creates the characters is essential because it is unique for each character. It is the part of the writing that will be rewritten until the conversation connects to the character.  

Edit like a pro   

There are many drafts while creating a story to perfect the level. The first draft of the novel is about getting the idea of the story out there. The second draft is to polish the story by making it more organized by changing the structural changes and clarifying the plot and characters.

Share your work      

This part is the most difficult for most people, but it is a way to help gain vital feedback. This feedback can help the writer to create another story and anecdotes with more experience.  

Compiler stories and anecdotes are usually given a story for people to discuss because it might affect the reader differently. Stories are ways to connect with others because they can be relatable. 

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