Colorful Milk Experiment

We brought another science experiment to our classes today. We had the older class split into 3 groups. We had them add drops of different colored food dye into their milk but make sure not to mix them. Then they added drops of dish soap to the milk, which caused the reaction. As soon as the soap was added, the food dye dispersed around the soap and spread out. In this way, the colors were mixed, and the students were able to see an obvious reaction. We also brought kaleidoscopes with us for them to look through. They had a lot of fun working with these and figuring out how they work. Our class had a lot of fun with this because they were able to see a new chemical reaction they had never done before, while also continuing to learn about the mixing of colors.

Our younger class also really enjoyed this experiment. We had this class stay in one big group, and we assigned each student a task. Some poured in the milk, and all of them had a chance to add drops of food dye. They took turns passing the bowl around the table and adding soap so they could each see the reaction happening. After this we passed around the kaleidoscopes, which they found really entertaining. After passing these around, we had them draw their own version of what they saw in the kaleidoscope. These turned out awesome because none of them turned out the same.

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