Color Wheel & Puppets

At Towey, we started off class with an introduction of the color wheel and going into full details on the definition and which colors are primary, secondary, and tertiary. We also explained the importance of the primary colors (red, yellow, & blue) and how mixing combination of these 3 colors is the only way generate more colors expanding the wheel in the process. Next, we talked what colors complement each on the wheel and how they cancel each other out when mixed creating a neutral color or brown. Finally, we used the gray scale as an example to explain how tints and shades work when adding white lightens up a color and adding black would darkens it up.  This led to the students making their own hand puppets with brown papers bags. There was a variety of materials such as pipe cleaners, color tissue paper, googly eyes, pompoms, etc for them to experiment with for their creative needs. It was such a joy seeing how excited and engaging the students were while working on this project. I was very impressed their creativity overall even though they all had access to the same materials. One puppet in particular stood out to me because the student only used color pencils on their design while everyone else utilized every material. The reason I’m bringing this up is because it reminds of my own childhood drawing and how I would only use color pencils to give each character more life. I still have the first art kit my mother got for me when she went to Atlantic City and its still in good condition with the exception of only using the color pencils.

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