Collecting Data on the Impact of Work

Collecting data on the impact of work would be looking into a significant event that happened and listing out the details of it. It can be as simple as creating a survey that can be given to workers. It is monitoring the workers and their processes within their companies. The more progress that the workers have completed means they are happy and excited about their jobs. It can help someone realize that there might have to be a change in their own work ethics system.  

The data of effects of work would be an excellent indicator for anyone that is trying to improve their work ethics or an approach to a project. There should be an expectation set to make it more effective because it will tell people about the progress. It will be more effective with any group work because it would show people the individuals’ progress. Checkpoints are added to see if it is meet. If not, then there should be some changes to meet the next checkpoint.  

For example, someone’s studying methods can be inefficient by not getting the expected score they are looking for. This person is learning by reading the chapters repeatedly but didn’t do any of the practice problems. After a couple of quizzes that the person took, they realized that they have to change their studying approach. It can be taking notes while reading the chapters within the book and doing the practice problems that the book would provide.  

Another example would be achieving goals. There should be goals that have small steps. There should be a weekly checkpoint to collect data on the progress. These data will help the person decide if they need to do more to achieve their goals on time.  

A company that would benefit from collecting data on the effects of work would be car salesmen because it shows the number of cars sold by each individual. Managers have the option to add a benefit for the person that continually achieves the most sales. This would create a healthy competitive environment in the work field because everyone will be more motivated to sell more vehicles, increasing sales numbers. This would be a win-win scenario.  

Why would you collect data?   

Collecting data on the effects of work can be increasing the productions or results of the works of workers. It is a way to learn if the progress of any projects is going well or under expectations. It can be a way to improve the work environment within the company or group. It can help find the issues within the group or company earlier since there are checkpoints. This might call for reevaluation since the checkpoints are not met, which means the problems are not stacking on themselves till the point it explodes. 

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