Claymation with Penn Treaty’s Afterschool Program

We have kicked off a new project with Penn Treaty’s middle school and high school students in the after school program with Joseph Brand and a wonderful, ever-changing group of creative and enthusiastic students. To get our kids comfortable with making clay projects and starting transitions, we asked them to introduce themselves with using their name in clay letters and potentially making a character or using something that truly represents their likes and interests. Some students used their favorite foods, sports, and activities. And some individuals used animals to tell stories and transition letters in and out of the frames.

Most recently, we constructed faces out of sculpty to create dialogs with each other and sing songs. Our students worked in small groups of four to make faces that can interact and move around in the stop motion videos

penn treaty

The group I most closely worked with sang songs together
We even had an opportunity to record their voices for their videos!
In the coming weeks, we are hoping to incorporate more dancing and motion into their videos, and even tackle some story building into the projects.

More to come!

Nicole Giusti, ASI Volunteer

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