Claymation @ Towey and Penn Treaty

Hello Everyone, This semester I will have the privilege of teaching at the Towey Recreation Center and at Penn Treaty School. We taught an after school program at Penn Treaty last year and it will be great to return. I’m also excited to be continuing our relationship with the Towey Recreation Center through art lessons in the autumn. I will be teaching with Diana Hamm, Kristy Leone, Kim Harris, and Nhi Nguyen. We will be teaching the art of clay animation and stop-motion animation in general, with a focus on storytelling. I’ve included the lesson plan that we will be using for anyone who would like to reuse, suggest, comment, etc. asi-autumn-2016-clay-animation-program-lesson-plan I am eagerly looking forward to getting to know the students and working with the other teachers. I know that we will be able to create some excellent art together.

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