Clay Hands Holding Butterflies at Towey!

We created clay hands holding butterflies.



Sculpting tools (fork, knifes, toothbrush)


Mat to set on


Plastic bowls to dry and keep shape



Trace your hand on a pre-rolled slab of clay

Start to mold the hand while looking at your own hand for a reference

Try to imitate the shape and contours of the hand

Using different sculpting tools, add lines for the crease in the palm of your hands and fingers

Add fingernails, knuckles, and any other final additions


Using the plastic knife, cut two small triangles out of the extra leftover clay slab

These will be the wings of the butterfly

To label the hands for each student, we wrote their first and last initial on one butterfly wing and reflected the initials on the other wing to make it look like a design

For the middle part of the butterfly, create a small coil to attach the two wings together

To attach the coil, score and wet both the coil and the wings where they will be connected and attach them

To attach the butterfly to the middle of the hand, score and wet the bottom of the butterfly and the area where it will be connected on the hand, then attach

Let their projects dry in a round bowl to keep the shape of the hand.

At the end of class we had a little extra time so we made some cookie cut-outs from the scrap clay.