Cione Recreation Center Week #1

The first day of Pre-K classes at Cione Recreation Center was a success! Today students engaged in numerous art and learning activities. In the first activity, children used markers to trace their names on bookmarks. This activity helped teach the children how to write their name.

Their second activity allowed them to identify lines on a paper leaf. With their markers, they traced the folds of the leaf. When they were done, the leaves were posted on the cork board wall display inside the recreation room. This activity also was an exercise that taught them how to trace lines.

After tracing the leaves, the students moved on to coloring paper birds. This activity taught kids how to carefully color. Children had to dot the eyes with a brown marker, color in the beak with a yellow or orange marker, and color in the body of the bird with blue markers.

Lastly, the children continued to practice their coloring skills by coloring paper plate foxes. They had to carefully color around the white spaces in the ears, stomach, and tail of the fox. They played with their foxes together on a patch of grass and posed for a group photo. After the group photo, they jumped like a stealthy fox! The kids were very eager to color and make art.

I can’t wait to see what they create next week!

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