Cione Rattle Making!


Project Title: Rattle Making

Description: cardboard and paper rattles with beads inside

Grade Level: Preschool

Vocabulary: Rattles

Materials: Paper, cardboard, beads, markers

Demo Directions:

  1. Ask the kids if they know what a rattle is used for. Have they used one before? What does it do and how does it work?
  2. Take the cardboard tube and attach paper to the bottom, let the kids draw on the cardboard and paper to decorate their rattles!
  3. Put ten beads inside the rattle, and close the other side with another piece of paper.
  4. Let the kids play with the rattles and also use them for a hands on music lesson after art class!

Instructor Reflection:

At Cione, the kids had a very loud and active day. First we had art class where we explained what a rattle was, and of course the kids being as bright as they are already knew. That’s when we broke the news to them that they were going to make their very own rattle to shake for music class! We made our rattles out of cardboard tubes that Miss Cara brought into  class, and let the kids design it with markers, then when they were done Miss Cara and I proceeded to close them up and let the kids shake them. And when they got a little too loud we played the quiet game, which by the way, is very funny with kids eager to shake rattles and laugh. That’s when music class began!

For music class we brought the kids into the larger gym room where we pulled mats out and they got to shake their rattles to beats in songs Mr. Lee would play. This required the kids to focus during the song and sing along, so they knew when to shake their rattle. The kids got to dance along and sing if they knew the words to song such as The Wheels on the Bus. This class allowed the kids to be a little more active than usual and blow off some energy while having fun.They danced, sung, and made their own instrument, all in one class.