Pizza Time at Cione!!

Project Title: Paper Pizza!

Description: one sheet of brown, red, and yellow paper glued together, small cut out bits of shapes of pizza toppings to glue on.

Grade Level: Preschool

Vocabulary: Vegetables, meats 

Demo Directions:

  1. Give kids one brown piece of paper, red piece of paper, and yellow piece of paper, and allow them to glue the base of their pizza together.
  2. Cut out different shaped vegetables and meats, let the kids name and choose their toppings.
  3. Glue on the toppings!

Instructor Reflection:

Yesterday we had the kids at Cione make their own personal pizzas and let them choose whatever toppings they wanted to put on top. It was a cute way of going over with the kids what shapes and colors vegetables and meats were. We also had the kids, when they were done, do another small drawing project. We had the kids draw what and who was inside their homes, then when they were done with their drawing we stapled a transparent piece of paper on top that window lines drawn on it to make it look like a sneak peak into their house!