Christmas is Almost Here, Learn to Draw Santa and Make Christmas Trees!

learn to draw Santa Clauses and make Christmas Trees with a stage!

To finish the semester on a high note, the last project will be Making Custom Christmas Trees with plastic plates. To start, first cut the plastic plates into halves, then paint over with green markers. Next, carefully fold it into a cone shape and staple the ends. If some children were not comfortably using a stapler, teacher can help them.

Now hand over some puffs and yarn, to decorate their trees. Make sure each group has enough glue to stick them together. Optionally, make a star and add to the tree top. Ribbons are always welcome as well! It is easy to make and kids really enjoy the holiday spirits!

Next we also learn about the different ways to draw to prepare for our final project with puppets.

Here is a little video displaying the work of one of the students

Overall, the students learn about drawing, art making, crafting, implementing stories to their art works and having fun with it. The puppet project is a nice overall conclusion to the semester, combing all of what we have learned through the months, colors, shapes, subjects and interaction with others. We all hope everyone having the best holidays and see you all next year!

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