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Book writing and Illustration Lesson inspired by a Chinese Tale

Objective: To recite a story with an important moral and have children either recreate this story or make a similar on that follow the same themes.

Prep: Choose a story with an important Lesson at the end. For this example Lowanu the Wise Woman was chosen. This story from China can be found here: This story was chosen because it involved children helping the main character, making it relatable to the young class, and it was a less popular chinese mythology story so there was a greater chance of the children not hearing about it.

Once you have chose your story take 3 pages of white computer paper and fold them in half to create a book. Write the story and illustrate it within these pages.

Background: The story chosen for this Lesson plan was Lowanu the wise woman. This story is a Village wise woman who was young for that title. One day children of the village saw that the sky was falling, this was happening close to their spring festival and if the sky continued to fall the town would be disgraced. The children seeked help from Lowanu and she sent the back into the village to collect the missing piece of the sky. The children were unsuccessful and went back home discouraged. The next day at the spring festival they saw Lowanu had replaced the missing pieces of the sky with bright lights (symbolizing stars). The sight was beautiful and everybody cheered


  1. White computer paper. Enough for each student to have 3 pieces.
  2. Pencils, colored pencils, crayons and markers
  3. Stapler


  1. Introduce the themes of the story you have picked and talk about what goes into making a good story discussing plot, characters and other elements.
  2. Bring out your copy of the story and read to the class, showing the illustrations in between each page turn.
  3. Ask class what was important in this story, what they can learn from it and what their favorite part was.
  4. Hand out three sheets of white computer paper to students, pencils, colored pencils, crayons and markers
  5. Have the students either recreate this story or create a similar one based of the values and structure of this story
  6. Constantly check in with students to see how they are progressing. Some students will take the initiative and not need much help. Other students may need you to help them move their story along. This doesn’t mean you should give them a story to draw but instead go up to them and Ask questions like “Who is our main character?” “What is happening to them in this story?” okay what happens after that?” “and what happens after that?” “How does this story end?” Some students may need you to write their ideas down on the paper, but have them illustrate their story.
  7. If there is extra time have allow any students to volunteer and share their story.

Conversations Around Food – Pizza: 比薩餅之拼貼畫專案計劃

Conversations around Food – Pizza Project 比薩餅之拼貼畫專案計劃 Theme: 教學大綱: 比薩餅之拼貼畫專案是一個團隊計劃, 它鼓舞隊員發揮團隊精神, 互助 合作, 以達成功。 Age Group: 適合這堂課的學生程度: 學前至小學1到5年級。 Vocabulary: 辭彙: 基本幾何圖形如: 圓形, 正方形, 三角形和長方形, 模示, 結構(文藝作品), 重複, 拼貼畫 Materials Needed: … Continue reading Conversations Around Food – Pizza: 比薩餅之拼貼畫專案計劃

In The Wings: 鳥翼

Theme: 教學大綱: 由彩色紙製的羽毛及細線製的穿戴型鳥翼 Author: 作者: Blair Age Group: 適合這堂課的學生程度: 小學至國中(亦可適用於較小年紀者) Historical Art Examples and References: 參考教材: 如果你有的話, 可採用現有的鳥羽毛。如果沒的話, 鳥翼的圖像和鳥翼之骨架均可用。 Vocabulary: 辭彙: 主翼羽, 助翼羽, 覆羽, 小翼羽, 正羽, 絨羽, 類似, 色彩 Materials … Continue reading In The Wings: 鳥翼

Halloween Mask: 萬聖節面具

Theme: 教學大綱: 此專案為一相當好的計劃給即將來臨的萬聖節。 Authors: 作者: Kashief Butler, Gabriella Latona, Felicia Weaver Age Group: 適合這堂課的學生程度: 學前至小學。 Vocabulary: 辭彙:色澤,形狀,文藝作品之結構。 Materials Needed: 主要材料:紙盤,形狀,蠟筆,色筆,有色彩紙張,剪刀,膠水。 Anticipatory Set: 其他延伸(問學生): 知道一些代表萬聖節的人物,如女巫和幽靈,可引述一些眾知的萬聖節故事。 Breakdown: 教學指引/教學步驟: 1. 先切割一些眼睛、鼻和嘴巴的孔。(10分鐘) 2. 把各式各樣的身體部份如頭髮、牙齒和耳朵切割並黏貼至面具上。(10~15分鐘) … Continue reading 
Halloween Mask: 萬聖節面具

Exploring Cardmaking/Bookmaking: 製作卡片的探索

Exploring Card Making/Bookmaking 製作卡片的探索 Theme: 教學大綱: 此專案計畫可用於社區服務、馬丁路德金恩博士記念日及情人節。 Vocabulary 辭彙: 對稱, 不對稱。 Materials Needed: 主要材料: 膠水, 剪刀, 鉛筆, 色筆, 彩色鉛筆, 蠟筆, 卡片、信封製作模型及描繪工具。 Breakdown: 教學指引/教學步驟: 1.製作一張卡片最簡易的方式是將一張垂直格式纸折成一半, 之後再折成一半。 2.彈出模式 – 把紙對折折成四折, 於紙張中心, 將其切成兩個狹長開口, … Continue reading Exploring Cardmaking/Bookmaking: 製作卡片的探索

Flower Show Art Arrangement: 鮮花藝術排列展

Theme: 教學大綱: 以藝術的型式, 學生創造自己的“花展”,並向“the Famous Philadelphia Flower Show Arrangements” 表示敬意, 同時將他們的藝術與新聞和時事聯接起來。 Vocabulary: 辭彙:對稱, 一次印刷, 浮雕, 拼貼畫, 成分。 Breakdown: 教學指引/教學步驟: 學生跟著老師學習基本的花朵辨認及繪畫。 製做花瓶紙浮雕, 用折疊紙來探究對稱之概念。 學生繪製半邊的花瓶並做一紙折。利用簡易的一次印刷技巧制作出另一邊的成品, 同時施加一些壓力於折疊處, 以固定其裝飾物。 Applications: 討論: 要如何排置鮮花, 以致你親手繪製的圖畫是獨一無二的? 插花和藝術創作有何類似及不同之處? … Continue reading Flower Show Art Arrangement: 鮮花藝術排列展