Busy Bees and Bubble Wrap

Week 3, 1st graders almost 2nd graders, learned about Printmaking!

We talked about what kind of design they thought bubble wrap might give, everyone said dots or circles. We talked about how the repeating dot pattern resembles a honeycomb. I explained that we would be creating a “honeycomb-like” background using bubble wrap and paint, then we’d draw bees and/or bugs to collage onto it.

Everyone was given a square piece of white paper. There was a variety of bubble wrap sizes for the group to choose from. They painted their bubble wrap and pressed it into the squares to fill in their papers.

When they were happy with their honeycomb’s look, they chose either yellow or white paper to draw bees. They made up their own bees and some created other insects to join. Butterflies, bugs, and many made-up creatures adorned the honeycombs. 

Two of the students knew how to draw a realistic bee from their school’s art teacher. They painted a hexagon honeycomb shape in either green or yellow. They said they never used the bubble wrap print technique before.