Fostering a Creative Environment

 No two people are analogous. People are a combination of their genetic dispositions and experiences; the debate between which of the aforementioned factors is most important in dictating a person’s behavior is frequently referred to as “nature versus nurture,” and while it is obvious that genetic dispositions do play an important role in development, they are just that – dispositions. In a number of studies regarding different mental conditions and disorders, it’s been found that even temporary disturbances during development can result in large repercussions on future mental-disorder onset. From a young age, children are impressionable and can be impacted in ways that can have consequences into adulthood; however, the same can be said about cultivation of positive mindset and talent. Connections between brains are the most resilient and accommodating in childhood, and slow down exponentially until a near stop in their 20’s. That in mind, you may have heard learning a foreign language becomes significantly more difficult after high school age, but this applies to other types of learning as well, such as music, dance, and visual art. A lot of types of learning are also interconnected, and enhance the learning of each other; creating art has been shown to positively impact children’s fine motor skills, problem-solving and critical reasoning skills, and language development, and has also been correlated with improved academic performance.


Something can also be said for the emotional benefits of creating art. Art builds community, and art builds confidence; it is a form of expression that does not require words. Every person is born with a capacity for creativity; whether arts become an integral form of expression to an individual, however, is largely determined by their environment. Regardless of any child’s disposition, it is our mission to bring positivity and resources to create an environment in which they can cultivate their creative potentials.

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