Blind Contour Drawings

This past week at Southwark, we did a fun portrait experiment. The idea was to sit across from a partner and draw their face in a continuous line without looking down at the paper. Drawing faces is hard to begin with, so this was an extra challenge that was really fun to try. The students had a hard time trying no to look at their paper and sometimes it ended up being a staring competition to make sure the other person wasn’t cheating. After they were finished, we handed out watercolor paint so they could complete their masterpieces. The goal was for the portraits to be more abstract, which was definitely accomplished.


The portraits actually came out really cool looking, and they were all really unique. The students also really enjoyed this challenge. Their favorite part ended up being the very end when they were able to look at their drawing finally, and then show it to their partner. Some of them kept decorating around their portraits or even gave the face more details afterwards.

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