Blend Away with Oil Pastels!

Project Title: Pastel Blending

Description: Students make leaves and cornucopias with pastels

Author: Francesca

Grade level or Target Age Range: preschool to middle school

Historical Art Examples or References: Images of the leaves and cornucopias

Vocabulary: blending, highlights, pastels

Materials: pastels, white paper, scrap paper

Anticipatory Set: Discussion on blending


1. Create a bold outline of a leaf or cornucopia in the darkest color

2. Color in an inch of the surrounding space lightly with the same color

3. Add the next lightest color onto the light colored section

4. Color in with the same color a bit more onto the surrounding area

5. Repeat the process with a lighter color and color in the remaining area

6. Take scrap paper and blend the colors in by rubbing lightly on the paper

7. If you are drawing a cornucopia, add vegetables and fruits to the drawing, if you are drawing a leaf, add veins to it in the darkest color.

Discussion: Life applications; how the lesson might apply to non-art related experiences or other types of knowledge.

1.) What goes into a cornucopia 

2.) How does one blend oil pastels

Instructional Reflection: Blending is a way to have more control over the art materials and teaches students that applying different pressure on materials produces different outcomes. It also teaches students how to make their drawings more three dimensional. Finally, it teaches students how to stay clean using the materials, as oil pastels tend to be quite messy.