Being of Service

With Carlos Aponte

Carlos Aponte, history teacher at a local high school, has made it his mission to put into action the nickname of Philadelphia, “The City of Brotherly Love.” His goal is to spread positivity, peace, and love to anyone open to it. He does this by bringing food to the homeless, encouraging and connecting with students, and simply engaging with the people who create the community of Philadelphia. Carlos, along with several students, recently volunteered at Art Sphere’s 20th anniversary fundraiser. They helped assemble, decorate, and organize for our major event, and we couldn’t have accomplished everything so well without them. Serving the people of Philadelphia is incredibly impactful to the community, and when people like Carlos begin to make a difference, it hopefully encourages others to do the same. Carlos has also recently started a podcost with the intent to explore and acknowledge the volunteers of Philadelphia. The link is located below, along with videos about his mission.

Let’s bring back the City of Brotherly Love!

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