Bee Puppets Handout

Make a Bee Puppet!

Step 1 With your scissors, cut a one inch wide strip of yellow paper. Fold into six squares. The rest of the strip will be used for the bee’s head.   

Step 2 With your scissors, cut three squares of the same size in your black paper. Glue them onto your yellow strip in alternating order.  

Step 3 Fold all the squares into one. Using your hole puncher, punch a hole through the middle of the squares.   

Step 4 Cut two connected circles out of the white paper for wings. Cut two little rectangles on your black paper for the antenna.  

 Step 5 Put the straw through the holes of your strip. Take the extra yellow strip and fold it over the straw and glue on to the top of the first square.  

Step 6 Glue the wings to the back of your bee’s body and the antenna to the back of your bee’s head. 

Step 7 On the front of the bee’s head draw eyes and a mouth.