Beautiful Sunsets in Philadelphia

The students at Cione got the chance to paint with water colors. We started off with a color mixing exercise, which they all proved to be pros at. They knew that red and yellow make orange, and that blue and yellow, make red, and blue and red make purple. They also got the chance to experiment mixing colors at the bottom of their paper. I told them to try and make some new colors. Most of the students found out how to make brown, or other muted colors by combining secondary colors together. 

Once the students completed their charts, they began painting a sunset on a new piece of paper. They started with blue, and then blending purple underneath, and then red, orange, and lastly yellow. The students loved creating their own beautiful sunsets. While their pieces were drying, they got to sing and dance with Mr. Lee. When they finished music, they revisited their sunsets, and glued on a silhouette of the Philadelphia skyline. All of their pieces looked beautiful.