Bats, Monsters and Turkeys, Oh My!

We completed a plethora of projects this week at Towey Recreation Center! We played with bat puppets (cut out construction paper bats attached with string to wooden dowels), monster puppets made from construction paper and glue, and two different kinds of turkeys to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Here are some images of the first kind of turkeys we made and the monster puppets!

I led a project where we made turkeys out of coffee filters and construction paper. Here are some pictures from the project and a lesson plan below!

Project Title: Coffee Filter Turkeys

Description: Students create a turkey using a coffee filter, construction paper, and glue

Author: Molly

Grade level or Target Age Range: preschool to middle school

Materials: coffee filters, construction paper, glue, markers, stencils


  1. Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?
  2. Do you eat turkey on Thanksgiving?


  1. Hand out one coffee filter to each student. Let them know that this will end up being the turkey’s feathers and instruct them to color the filter anyway they want.
  2. Have students trace a bowling pin-shaped stencil onto brown construction paper and cut it out for the turkey’s body. Then cut a small triangle from yellow construction paper for a beak, an oval from red construction paper for the turkey’s “snood”,  and one or two small circles from white paper for the turkey’s eye or eyes.
  3. Glue the turkey’s body onto the coffee filter, and then glue on the turkey’s beak, snood, and eyes. Remember to draw pupils with a marker for the turkey’s eyes!