Bats and the Magic of Stencils Using Pastels!

Project Title: Bats and the Magic of Stencils Using Pastels!

Description: Students use pastels over bats stencils to create two bat pictures

Author: Liza

Grade Level or Target Age Range: Preschool to early elementary (Fishtown Recreation Center)

Historical Art Examples or References: N/A

Vocabulary: Bats, Stencils, Symmetry, Positive and Negative Space

Materials: Paper, pastels, scissors, tape

Anticipatory Set: N/A


  1. Fold the black paper. Draw half of a bat with the center falling on the fold line. Cut out bats and unfold the black paper.
  2. Tape three bats to colored construction paper, pulling tight on a black paper so bats are flat against colored construction paper.
  3. Students color black bats with a different color pastel.
  4. Students rub the edge of the bat using their fingers pushing and blending pastel outwards away from center of bat unto  colored construction paper.
  5. Students take each bat off and place onto another piece of colored construction paper to create a second picture.

What do bats do?

What do bats eat?

Instructional Reflection: 
The children were surprised at how the stencils worked.