Basic Drawing (Portraits)

For this week’s lesson, we wanted to do something that is more relaxing for the mind, so we had the students at Towey do portraits through various steps. First, we started off by lightly drawing an upside down oval shape for the head. While they were drawing the head, we explained to them the amount of distance between the chin & the mouth, the mouth & the bottom of the nose, the bottom of the nose & the eyes, and most importantly, the spacing between the eyes is one eye apart. Before we moved on to the ears, Ms. Kristen used a pencil on her face as a measuring device to show the students the distances I talked about earlier and where the ear starts and ends. Finally, they added the neck, shoulders, and hair to finish off their characters. At the very end of our session, we gave each student a custom made pack with crayons, markers, scissors, and color pencil to take home so they could continue drawing at their leisure. Overall, I thought it was a great idea to have the students draw whatever type of character that came to mind while learning the basics of drawing the human face because it eases them into getting comfortable with drawing in general while not worrying about rather its right or not in terms of drawing what you see. I really liked how engaged they were during this lesson.