Barn Yard Origami

Barnyard Origami Lesson

Objective: To show a love for mankind and animals by having students build their own barn with different animals.

Prep: Create a powerpoint that has the instructions to build an origami house and other animals. The best way to do this is to go on google images and look up how-to’s there. These will break down the steps simply. Have the origami house on the first slide and then other animals on the following slides. Each slide after the house should have two animals per slide. This lesson we used. Cats, Dogs, Pig, horse, rabbit and duck

Create an example of the house- this will be your barn for the farm and each animal.

This class will be at each student’s individual pace. Students who want to focus on only creating the barn and one animal, and choose to spend the rest of their time decorating them can do so. Other students whose interest is peaked by the creating of origami can create as many animals as they please.


  1. Square pieces of white computer paper. At least 5 pieces of paper per student, with the possibility of needing more.
  2. colored pencils
  3. crayons
  4. pencils


  1. Introduce the idea of the love of animals. That respecting animals is how we respect mankind. Pull up the slideshow of the origami house and different origami animals
  2. Hand out white squares of paper, pencils, colored pencils and markers
  3. walk the class through assembling the house while the image of the house is on the board. Encourage students who finish first to decorate the inside and outside of the barn.
  4. Give all the students time to decorate their barn.
  5. Pull up the next slide of two different barn animals and walk students through creating them
  6. For the rest of the class allow students who choose to decorate their barn and animals to do so. For the other members of the class continue to show them different animals to create

Power Point of Origami Barn and animals

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