Back to Basics (Drawing Trees)

Continuing with the fall theme at Towey, This week’s lesson was all about teaching the student how to draw a tree on a grassy field with a blue sky and animals by breaking down each section with basic shapes. We started off by having them draw two giant “C’s” with one on the left & the other on the right, which created the base of the tree. Next, they added the branches and the roots with long thin “C’s” along the top & bottom of the page along with squiggly lines to define the tree bark texture. Finally, they finished it off by adding two large half “C’s” behind the tree to represent the hill and a hole to draw an animal such as a bird, wood pecker, an owl, chipmunk, squirrel, etc.  After the drawing session, the students had the opportunity to design their work anyway they desired with color pencils & crayons. One import thing I got out of this lesson is that these students are great listeners & followed directions very well during the demonstration. One drawing that stood out to me was more of a Christmas theme rather than the fall with a lot of red & green in it. Before the end of class, we had the students make their own snowflake cutout for a preview of next week’s class.

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