Back in the Classroom-Storytelling and Pandas

This past Tuesday, January 22nd, was my first day back in the classroom since the holidays. I was excited to see the students again! We started off, as usual, with our 6th Grade class. They were in such an energetic mood, and we decided to give them a project they could work on with their friends. They got into groups of 3, and we asked each of them to start writing a story. I ran a 5-minute timer, and when time was up they passed their story to their neighbor. After 15 minutes, they got back all their original story and had a really good time reading where their friends had taken it.

We went down to the second grade class just as they were finishing their homework.  We passed out cutout hearts and J walked around with an example picture of how to make a panda out of the hearts. They customized theirs by drawing extra features on, like eyebrows, cheeks, or mouths. While they worked, I kept them engaged by reading them facts about panda bears.