Autumn Season

For this week’s class, at Towey, we wanted the students to do a fun & unique project that is based around the fall season, so we had them design their own leaf cutouts to placed on a tree and also create some stencil designs on craft paper.  For this project, we had the students use acrylic paint in order to get an idea of how they would handle it. We explained how important it was not to get the paint on their clothes because it is difficult to remove. What they did not realize is that the purpose of this exercise is for the students to learn how to control the paint brush while painting different shapes. I also noticed that they were creating color variations from their limited palette which was based off of a previous lesson on the color wheel/color theory. I am just blown away with how quickly these students adapting to the concept behind each lesson. Ms. Kristen showed the class a magazine that showcased a variety of artist work, and she talked their background, style, & techniques in order for the students to get an understanding on what each piece is about. Overall, I feel like this project was a success because the students were able to transform a basic concept of designing a leaf and turned it into something spectacular. They were also really engaged, working together as a group to build their fall tree, and having fun.

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