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Hello there! I am a Temple University senior in Communication Studies and Art History. I love working with ASI because I see the immediate impact the organization has on our surrounding communities. I help with volunteer coordinating, as well as office management. Art, and the practice of creating has the power to transform lives, and I know this because it has done so for me while attending CAPA high school for visual arts, and further pursuing the arts as an undergraduate. As a waitress and full-time student, I make time for Art Sphere Inc because I believe in it's mission values, and see the positive impact they have in Philadelphia.

Personalized Dream Catchers


Miss Ashlyn and I introduced dream catchers to our students.  I was surprised that most of the kids were unfamiliar with them, so we took it back to the origin of dreamcatchers and how they were designed to function.  Then, we talked about how dreamcatchers are used today by modern society, as well as Native American tribes. Dreamcatchers are believed to be able to ward off evil, bad spirits, and ill thoughts in our sleep. I always like to have a dreamcatcher in my room, and now each student from our summer classes has there very own dreamcatcher.

To make this project, we used a hole puncher on paper plates, yarn, and coloring materials.   Each dreamcatcher was one of a kind. They chose their yarn, how to decorate it, and how to pattern the web. Everyone enjoyed this, from the youngest to the oldest student in camp!