ASI Winter 2019 Curriculum

Download ASI Winter 2019 Curriculum here

  1. Sphere Books – All sites
  2. Cork sphere memo pads –Penn Treaty, Towey only
  3. Happy New year! Confetti collage, fireworks paintings with glitter and cut toilet roll stamping -all sites (variation: Southwark drawing fireworks, cartoon baby)
  4. Birthday cake and candles
  5. Art and food displays -pizza project collage, menus
  6. Sandwich project collage- Cione and Fishtown
  7. Small origami books
  8. Paper plate fish and bubble wrap printing and uncut toilet roll stamping- Cione and Fishtown
  9. Valentines cards- All sites
  10. Heart shape animals: tigers, pandas, and monkeys- Cione and Fishtown
  11. Chinese new year pigs, oranges, altars, red envelopes and money, origami frogs and lily pads- Cione and Fishtown
  12. Watercolors, painted vases and flowers
  13. Paper flowers traced hand bouquets with ribbon
  14. Butterflies with spray bottle and coffee filters , tempera butterfly prints- Cione and Fishtown
  15. 3-D Umbrellas and rain
  16. 3-D Houses – all sites except Southwark
  17. Maps, boats, planes and trains
  18. Sewing, beading -Penn treaty, Towey only
  19. Paper quilts, Quilt boxes
  20. Art from around the world coloring and collage
  21. Mayan and Aztec calendars
  22. Masks- Southwark
  23. Ojos / loom weaving- older Southwark students and Penn Treaty
  24. Rubbing plates crayon resist
  25. Dream Catchers
  26. Puppet Paper Bags



Book references: Frog and Toad are Friends, Dr.  Seus Books , Curious George, Caps for Sale, Nursery Rhymes, Quilt book history, Zentangle Author the Brave, Drawing Book of Faces, Stork Spills the Beans

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