ASI Architecture Program Art Projects

ASI Architecture Program Projects Spring 2018

Reference Books: The Picture History of Great Buildings by William Clements and

If I Built a House by Chris Van Dusen


White Glue, glue sticks, oak tag, scissors, markers, paint markers handouts, foam core

Architectural terms:

Glossary of Architectural Terms

1) Review: history of Architecture and architectural terms (Elevation drawing)

Students look at various Façade Handouts of different periods and identify features while creating their own collages

2) Students use graph paper to create a Floor Plan

3) Students taught 1-point perspective

4) Students taught 2-point perspective

5) Students taught 3-point perspective (¾ view)

6) Students create their own city plan on graph paper

Individual 2D Cityscape (paint markers, markers. pastels on paper)

7) Group 2D Cityscape Row home Paper Mural

8) Students build Pop-up Model Houses: Interior and exterior

9) Students build Model Houses: oak tag, pattern paper , foam core construction model

10) Group Project Model city: 3d paper houses and stores with Graph Paper

Alternative assignment:

* Design and build a Model Castle