Art Supplies for Southwark

We have recently received a generous donation that we used to obtain art supplies for our students. Many of the schools we teach at are stretched for art materials, and most of our students do not have their own. Because of this, we like to do our best to present each class we teach with their very own supply to encourage their creativity at home and school. We gathered everything from erasers to watercolors and separated them into separate bags for each students, making sure they all received the same amount and supplies.

We were able to pass these out to both our classes at Southwark. Our first class consists of primarily first and second graders, while our second class is third and fourth grade. Very few of these students in both age groups had their own art materials and had to rely on sharing whatever we brought. They were incredibly excited as we passed out the bags and even more excited when we said this was for them to take home and use in school.

We want to be able to partner up with schools and teachers by providing the students with what they otherwise would have very little access to. In our classes, we use art to teach creativity, music, meditation, science, and so many other things. Our goal is that they would be able to take home what they learned and continue learning and experimenting. Providing art supplies through donations is one way we have found enables them to do this.