Art Show at Fishtown Rec Center

We celebrated the artwork made this semester with an art show. I interviewed the students the week before to get a sense of the type of art materials they like to work with, their favorite color, and their favorite project. I used this information to create artist statements for each student.      img_6495

On the day of the show, we first had the students take a post-test to see how well they knew their colors and shapes. They then decorated a sign for their show. They stamped their handprints on the poster and then colored in the words “Art Sphere.” An art sphere volunteer came and started face-painting the children. Once the parents arrived, we took the kids in to see their art. We went around photographing the students with their artwork and talking to them about the pieces they made. A lot of parents and relatives came to see and support the students’ artwork. It was a great experience that really emphasized how great it was to create art.


img_6496 img_6501 img_6502 img_6503 img_6504

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