Art is for the Birds…. Foxes and other wildlife, too!

En route to teaching an art workshop, I took a hike in John Heinz Reserve in Tinicum, 10 minutes away from downtown Philadelphia, where great adventures are to be had.

This reserve is a very special urban oasis as it is where fresh and salt tidal streams meet and wildlife thrives while planes take off overhead and the Philadelphia skyline is clear as day.

With sets of eagles nesting and their chicks hovering over the nest practicing flying, this is where I send many city students, volunteers, and friends to experience wildlife for the first time.

Thinking about how to teach a lesson on origami birds and foxes, I was thrilled by my discovery: three baby fox at their den. As I so often tell my students, “You wouldn’t believe the coincidence that just happened to me today!” Would you believe that to top it off, I also met the amazing photographer Bob Weiss who took this picture and emailed it to me with many others so I could show my students! Less than 10 minutes away from their home, these little guys are flourishing, making studying animals and environment a lot more relevant.

Check out this link that will take you to the book Bob Weiss made about the John Heinz Reserve.

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