Art encourages youth to be true to themselves!

Art simultaneously encourages students to be authentic and spontaneous.


Through art, students learn that the more they are true to themselves, the more they can connect as art students within the classroom to one another and therefore contribute their creativity to the world.

Experimenting with new art materials is a playful process which opens the heart. Much like sending students on an adventure, sending a pencil or paintbrush across a piece of paper or collaging with felt, art opens students’ minds to their unlimited potential.

As students see a shift in shapes and lines, they also understand that like images their ideas and thoughts can shift and develop overtime.

ASI art projects provide a rich oasis that provides much-needed meditative space to students for private reflection.

Multi-layered art projects help students develop concentration and curiosity while broadening their knowledge. Art encourages youth to hear themselves think and feel and then express those ideas. I am proud to volunteer with Art Sphere Inc. because these art programs encourage youth to be true to themselves!