Art and Science: Under the Seascapes

Our last and final week at Fishtown Rec Center, students got to dive deep and create their own underwater adventure scene. I placed white paper inside clear plastic gallon bags, so they would be able to see their drawings. They drew with Sharpies onto the clear gallon bags and we discussed the properties of Sharpies and how they are permanent. I told them that Sharpies have to be used on the bag’s surface because regular, washable markers would just wipe away. The groups had a blast creating their scenes! If a mistake was made, we could simply erase by using a little bit of hand sanitizer.

While the students worked, the creative gears kept turning and they would announce the different sea creatures they were drawing.

Starfish, lantern fish, puffer fish, angel fish, sharks, goldfish, stingrays, sea turtles, jellyfish, seahorse, coral, seaweed, bubbles, a submarine.. even mermaids! A few had appearances from Spongebob, Squidward, Patrick and their undersea homes.

After they drew their underwater scapes, they traded me the white paper that was in their bags for a piece of black paper. Then they colored in a flashlight so they could explore under the sea! They had so much fun passing their artwork around the table and exploring one another’s seascapes.

We even incorporated storytelling by recording their undersea adventures.. take a look!

Bubbles, pufferfish, fish food, and BABY bubbles!

Jellyfish, a treasure chest, more jellyfish!

A mermaid, and oh, what’s that? An octopus!

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