Ardmore Library Grand Opening

This Saturday I was happy to attend the Grand Re-Opening of the Ardmore Library as a representative of Art Sphere Inc. This was an honor, as we were invited by former volunteer Judith Yellin, who has been a major contributor to both ASI and the Ardmore Library. As volunteers, Adrienne Williams and I were excited to attend this event and show our support. The library was an important fixture in my childhood and I believe they are still incredibly important today.

Library Welcome

Ribbon Cutting

This charming building has served as the community library for decades and was very much missed while it was closed for construction and restoration. Community members of all ages excitedly arrived, gathering outside as they waited for the speeches and ribbon cutting. Paul A. McElhaney, George T. Manos, Steven K. Lindner, and Christine Steckel served as inspiring speakers, celebrating the library’s completion, reminding us of the importance of libraries, and urging us to participate in the community.

In the newly built children’s community room downstairs, we taught children and families to make mouse books! This project was met by a lot of enthusiasm and worked well for the wide variety of ages at this event. Parents seemed to enjoy it too!  To expand the project, mouse-themed books were put out for families to look through for inspiration. In the end we encouraged kids to create their own stories, drawings, or poems to fill their book, a process that could be continued at home.

Mouse Book

Mouse Book

Mouse Book Instructions:

1. Take a piece of paper, with the long side facing up, and fold it in half “hamburger style”.

2. Cut a half heart shape, with the rounded side away from the fold, so that when you unfold the paper you get a full heart shape.

3. Fold several sheets of white paper in half and align them within the folded cover.

4. Cut the white paper to fit within the cover.

5. Lay a pipe cleaner along the crease between the pages and cover, with the end of the pipe cleaner sticking out from the wide curved part of the heart shape.

6. Tightly pinch the cover and pages shut, making sure to keep the pipe cleaner tail in place, then staple close to the seam to seal the pages and tail in place.

7. Using the remaining scraps of paper cut ears, a nose, and whiskers for your mouse.

8. Glue ears, nose, and whiskers in place. (Alternatively, these can be drawn on using markers).

9. Add any additional details you like.

10. Fill your mouse book with your own stories, drawings, and poems!

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