Penn Treaty Claymation Video

This Claymation video was created by middle and high school students from Penn Treaty High School as part of Art Sphere Inc.’s first Claymation class Spring 2016. Classes were taught by Alex Becher, Nicole Giusti, and Ning Zhang. This was students’ first foray into claymation. Over just ten weeks of 1 hour classes, students were able to develop ideas (using writing and storyboarding), learn to manipulate clay, and film/edit videos. Our teachers served as guides, but the content is 100% student conceptualized and created.

To celebrate students’ work we had a movie screening on Friday, April 22 in the Education Works room at Penn Treaty School. 17 students attended and we provided refreshments including fresh popcorn, cookies, tea, and bottled water. This was the first time that students got to see all of the videos created as a cohesive piece and with students from both Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Excited chatter turned to quiet once the videos started, and it was great to see so much support amongst students as they made positive comments about each other’s videos. At the end of class we distributed Art Boxes and said our goodbyes.

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