3D Boxes

Project Title: Quilt Box

Description: Students create 3-Dimensional box and decorate the outside.

Author: Francesca

Grade level or Target Age Range: preschool to middle school

Historical Art Examples or References: Color Wheel

Vocabulary: color wheel, quilt

Materials: glue, color pencils, scissors, pre-made box cut-out

Anticipatory Set: Discussion on the color wheel

Demo/Directions: (Roughly plan amount of time it takes to do each procedure)

  1.  Cut out the box
  2. Color each compartment a color in the color wheel
  3. Decorate the rest of the box
  4. Glue together the flaps to make the box 3-dimensional


  1. How does the color wheel work?
  2. What order do the colors go in?
  3. How to make a one-dimensional object three-dimensional.

Instructional Reflection: It is good to remind the students that little glue must be applied. This is a great way for students to explore how to use glue. It also helps students understand how to turn a one dimensional object into a three dimensional one. The color wheel is being applied in this project, as it helps the kids learn the order of the color wheel.