3-D Frog and Lilly Pad Handout

Materials: 1 (8.5” x 8.5”) square each of green paper and pink tracing paper, 1 (4″ x 4″) square each of pink, yellow and white paper, googly eyes or white paper cut in circles, scissors & markers

Step 1: Fold green paper in half on a diagonal to make a triangle. Position like a pyramid with top most point being the frog face and the opening the frog mouth. Fold side corners to the center and back out again to create feet.

Step 2: Secure eyes with glue to the frog. Add a red tongue, draw flies on the tongue, and cut and glue to frog. Decorate triangle frog body with patterns.

Step 3: Make lily pads by cutting off the four corners of the square to create a circle. Cut a triangular pie slice out of green circle. Draw lines for leaf veins.

Step 4: Fold the pink square in half twice to form a square. Cut open corners in a zigzag for flower petals. Fold yellow and white squares in half twice to form a square. Cut lines toward center from open corners.

Step 5: Nest and glue the white and yellow papers inside the pink paper to create a layered flower.

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