1 Point-Perspective Names at Towey!

Books, Writing our names in 1-point perspective

• Premade construction paper books
• White paper
• Pencils
• Markers
• Glue
• scissors,

Prepare books with lined paper in between two pieces of construction paper and staple.
Cut a square of white paper to be mounted on the cover.
On this piece of paper write your name in bubble letters,
Then make a dot on the middle of the paper at the top or bottom.
Draw a line from each point on each letter to the dot to create the illusion that the letters continue into the distance
Draw a Horizontal line across to make the bubble letters now block letters, or keep them leading to the point if you prefer!
Glue this paper to the top of the book and decorate with markers.

A lot of the students decided to outline their letters and papers to make them pop.
They took the books home to finish writing their stories!